Heron_workspace architecture

This page gives an overview of the repositories in heron_workspace. It also provides links to other pages with relevant information.

The heron_workspace_setup is a repository that provides documentation and some basic set ups for cloning and installing heron_workspace, including SkiROS and other necessary dependencies. Once heron_workspace is installed there should be 18 repositories somewhere under the root folder. If the root folder is called “catkin_ws”, the following paths are for some of the more important repos to be aware of:

  • catkin_ws/src/libs/heron_workspace_setup: This is where the heron_workspace setup repository and its ends up after installation.
  • catkin_ws/src/robots/heron_robot: This repository provides instructions for running the Heron robot with ROS either in simulation (using Rviz and Gazebo) or in real life (robot lab).
  • catkin_ws/src/start/heron_launch: This repository provides instructions for running the Heron robot with SkiROS.

Other good links

  1. Skiros2 examples: (these are also explained in terms of how and where to clone them in catkin_ws/src/libs/heron_workspace_setup/
Schema of repositories under catkin_ws/src

  ├── skills              
  │   ├── vision_skills  SkiROS software for vision algorithms          
  │   ├── skills_sandbox  Locally developed SkiROS skills can be tested here
  ├── start    
  │   ├── heron_launch  Default Location for launching Heron in simulation or real life
  ├── robots
  │   ├── MIR_robot  The bottom part of the Heron robot (the one which moves the wheels of the robot)
  │   ├── ur_driver  Universal Robotics driver (Driver for Herons robot arm)   
  │   ├── heron_robot  Running Heron robot with ROS
  │   ├── universal_robot  Heron robot arm
  ├── libs     
  │   ├── heron_workspace_setup  The installation repo
  │   ├── cartesian_controllers  These controllers in theory resolve the inverse kinematics problem for 3D robot arm movement
  │   ├── vision  Concerns the camera attached to Herons robot arm. Includes functionality for pose estimation. Lacks readme
  │   ├── cartesian_trajectory_generator  Can generate a simple trajectory in Cartesian space
  │   ├── wsg50-ros-pkg  Software for gripper from 
  │   ├── realsense  Software for using Intel RealSense cameras
  │   ├── gazebo_models_psa  Gazebo is the physics simulator and this repo provides models for that simulator
  │   ├── skiros2
  │       ├── skiros2_std_lib   
  │       ├── skiros2_moveit_lib  Robot arm functionalities
  │       ├── .git   The clone of skiros2  
  │   ├── ddynamic_reconfigure  Gives capability to update node parameters dynamically
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